miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

HTW: Match your style with your ride

Yesterday I was hanging with my friends at a coffee and we were talking about how does the magazine articles or the catalogs from for example Free People, match every little detail and make everything look sooooo much pretty!
Well in fact the editors, designers and photographers of those magazines match every color and every detail to make the catalog, the photography or the articles more interesting and attractive. 
Today I show how you can match your style with your ride, it does matter what are you driving, every ride has a different style, and I choose 3 different rides that I love, a yellow Vespa, a vintage Bike and of course my favorite one, the VW Combi:
Match your style with your vespa

Match your style with your bike

Match your style with your car

I know this three styles are kind of a bohemian look, but it is because of the vintage rides that I pick... So....What is your ride? and how would you match your style with it?

Btw have you seen the new Free People catalog? Here's the link!

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  1. Oooh my gosh why are alll of your posts so perfect!? Seriously, I have bookmarked your blog! How do you make your collages so perfect!?

    Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! c; (Details are on my blog!)


    1. Thank you Hoda!! :) You should check out this social network called Polyvore, I think you are going to love it... ;)

      And also thanks for the nomination I'll make sure to read the details in your blog :D


    2. Haha I don't think I'm nearly as talented as you--even using polyvore for collages! haha much love!

      <(") Hoda