Who I am?

I'm Ilse Enciso, mexican and future fashion and lifestyle journalist. I consider myself a fashion-craft-design lover. Before I created "The Folklore Inc" I had this other blog called "Tapatias" with my best friend Ana Paula in 2012. Now we both finished the university and started different projects. So I created "The Folklore Inc" as a way to share all of my knowledge and crazy crafts that I like to make in my free time.

I have a belief that life is better if everything is pretty and colorful, it can be clothes, accessories, food, design and even photography... So this is why I made 4 sections in the blog: DIY, How to wear, Folklore Finds and Folklore Design so I can make everything more beautiful.
And at last but no least, I think travel is the best way to learn and find new things, it doesn't matter what it is, you will always find new fashion, culture, people and traditions that will make you understand the world!

You can also check out the "Bienvenidos Welcome Bienvenu Willkommen Benvenuto Bem-vindo to THE FOLKLORE INC" post if you have any question.

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