jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

HTW: A Varsity Jacket

HTW: varsity jacket

Hello! I'm so excited it's almost the weekend! and did you know we are less of two months for christmas!! Why do I talk about christmas? Well because this varsity jacket it's definitely going to be in my wish list... So today I wanna share with you three outfits so you can have an idea of how to wear the jacket this fall/winter.
HTW: varsity jacket 1

HTW: varsity jacket 2

HTW: varsity jacket 3

Do you like this style?? How would you wear a varsity jacket this fall (almost winter)?

2 comentarios:

  1. I love the varsity Jacket trend and OH MY GOSH that last dress is soo beautiful! Sigh, if just it wasn't so damn expensive :'c

    <(") Hoda

    1. I also loooove that dress! I will try to look for a similar dress and I let you know if I found anything! ;)